About David

David Key has bought and sold or been involved in the sales of hundreds of homes in the Wichita market. He currently owns ResCom, a company that offers home and property services such as lawn care, landscape design and maintenance, property management, and residential remodeling and renovation.

David Key

David Key’s career in property management can be traced back to a single moment: when he witnessed a woman sell her home to an unscrupulous buyer who took advantage of her, not understanding the value of what she owned. This inspired David not only to pursue homebuying, but to do it the right way, with respect and integrity. In 2011, David opened Rescom Facility Group, which would later become Rescom Property Management. Today, he and his team service hundreds of rental properties right here in Wichita, managing everything from utilities, financial reporting, insurance, upkeep of maintenance, and even full renovations.

David Key was born in Mobile, Alabama, where he grew up and attended Murphy High School. He also studied at the University of South Alabama. After moving to Wichita, Kansas in 1991, Key quickly plugged himself into the community, serving several years on the Starkey Board of Directors, volunteering with the National Baseball Congress, and owning and operating the Wichita Arena Football team from 2002-2004.

A strong supporter of Wichita’s entrepreneurial spirit, David has built a number of businesses since his move to Kansas, and his businesses served as Metro Award finalists three years in a row.  From 2004 to 2015, David built Advantage Lawn and Landscaping and JM Lawns into one of the largest contractors for the city, taking care of nearly 100 parks and recreational areas right here in Wichita.

During that time, David was a Value Place Hotel franchisee (2006 -2010), building and operating five hotels, managing 10 others and earning a Communicator of the Year award.

David took a year off from his businesses in 2010, and instead, spent time helping several local companies, struggling as a result of the housing market collapse, to restructure their finances. Seeing the troubled housing market, he sought a way to help others in these types of situations. That led him to begin managing troubled assets. This, paired with his encounter with the woman selling her home to the unscrupulous buyer, have led David to where he is today.

When he’s not working, David can be found on the golf course or out on the lake, fishing. David also enjoys spending time with his wife, Marcy, and children, Lindsay and Cameron.

This isn’t just a market to David Key; this is his community and home.  David has roots in Wichita. He knows the city and its people, and he knows the real estate market in and out. This means when you contact him about a CASH OFFER for your property, he has the background, the experience, and the contacts to give you as much cash as possible.


Call David today at 316-530-3623 for a no-obligation, all-cash offer on your property.

You will be glad you did.


Matt Lillie

“I have done several projects with David and always been impressed with his level of professionalism, how he addresses issues and just takes care of things. He knows the market, he knows the neighborhoods. When he goes to look at a house he can give a real value for what that house is worth. He doesn’t have to low-ball it because he doesn’t know the market like the national firms.”

Matt Lillie
Investor | Broker